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Welcome to Alnoure Academy

(Arabic GCSE Pathway)

Alnoure Academy provides a harmonious and well-ordered community, which encourages self-discipline, independence of thought and consideration for others. Our students demonstrate a high level of commitment to academic success, as well as developing the skills and confidence that will equip them for adult life.


The school has built an excellent reputation among the community. The number of students is continually on the rise, as the population of minority ethnic groups increases and more people become aware of the school and the quality of teaching.

The school is managed by an experienced management body and a group of qualified native Arabic speaking teachers who are multilingual. This enables them to communicate with students in their mother language in addition to English, as well as other languages, such as French.


Our school staff have a high level of experience in Arabic language and all related cultural issues. They have devoted their time and efforts to serve their community and help the children retain their mother language and positively relate their ethnic background to British culture. They show a very high level of commitment to students’ educational and personal development, by using their knowledge and understanding of teaching, learning and behaviour management strategies, to enable learners to achieve their potential.

They demonstrate great abilities to evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching and to monitor the progress of students’ learning, aiming to raise levels of attainment.All teachers are supported to design effective learning sequences within lessons and across a series of lessons, demonstrating a secure subject and curriculum knowledge.

All staff members work together as an integrated team to share the developments of effective practice, to ensure that everyone is appropriately involved in learning enhancement and that they understand the roles they are expected to fulfil.


School uniform is compulsory in our school. We are not the only children using Hove Park premises on a Saturday. School bags are also available (optional).

Please speak to Miss Eman to order a school uniform: 07480 621 835.


Class teachers have a range of positive reinforcement strategies to reward good behaviour and work, on both an individual and group basis.

These include; smiley faces, stickers, presents etc. Rewarding individual/group behaviour encourages teamwork and respect for peers. Teachers will often refer a child to another member of staff for a good piece of work or good behaviour.

By the end of the first half term, special award badges (gold, silver & bronze stars) will be given to students to wear for the following next half term showing that these students were ideal, then the same badge will be handed over to the next ideal student.


We are introducing an Arabic Library. Arabic books & stories will be available to borrow from our Library. Children can borrow books from the library at the end of the school day; they need to be returned the following week for new ones and to give a chance to other students. There will be a merit/reward scheme for the students on the amount of books they have read.


If your child has any medical conditions (hearing impairments, visual impairments etc), please let us know as soon as possible so we can give the child the support he/she needs.

Please book a meeting with Dr. Aisha El-Turki, if you have any concerns about your child. She will be happy to speak with you.


We see homework as an important part of the learning process, where children can extend their learning in their home life. Our aim is to make the closest links between home and the work children are doing in school.

We are building upon all the learning that has taken place well before we meet the children and we want to keep you as closely involved as we can. We expect all children to practise reading as often as they can, with this starting from Reception up to GCSE class.

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