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Welcome to Alnoure Academy

(Arabic GCSE Pathway)


We offer classes at a wide range of levels, to meet the needs and experience of different ages and abilities. There are two main learning routes:

ROUTE 1: Developing language from age 4

Children who start learning when they are aged 4 to 10 will join their year group. Each class is taught in two groups—those who already speak Arabic fluently and those who do not speak Arabic. At age 11 they will go on to begin learning the GCSE curriculum.

ROUTE 2: Fast track for older beginners

Children who start at age 10 or above as complete beginners will attend a fast track beginners class specifically for older children. They will then go on to join the GCSE curriculum classes when they are ready.

  • Reception
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4
  • Year 5
  • Year 6

For reception level we use My Book Reception.

My Book Reception includes:

♦ First encounters with the Arabic alphabet

♦ Reading the alphabet and some simple words

♦ Reading and responding by drawing lines, circles, squares or colouring etc

♦ Listening and responding by repetition, identifying or using physical gestures

♦ Practising writing the alphabet

Fast track for older beginners

Children who start learning Arabic for the first time aged 10 or over will attend a fast track class, developing the language skills needed to begin the GCSE curriculum at a pace better suited to children of this age.

  • Pre-gcse
  • GCSE

Our pre-GCSE students cover topics relevant to Edexel’s GCSE syllabus, which they will go on to study in the GCSE class.

We use a range of resources including textbooks, activity books and audio books to provide a range of activities. These include:

♦ Short passages, dialogues and stories

♦ Grammar mind maps

♦ Vocabulary exercises

♦ Conversation exercises

♦ GCSE style examination exercises with answers

Islamic Education

Right Path

We use The Right Path curriculum exposes young students to Islam in a child-friendly manner using illustrations, simple text and activities. The books use large illustrations which engage young students' attention and interest as they learn the basics of Islam.

The Right Path covers:

♦ Pillars of Islam

♦ Short suras from Qur'an

♦ Haddith

♦ Dua'/Good manners and morals 

♦ Islamic history

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